Overhauling Our Etsy Store


Hey everyone. Unfortunately, we have to do a major overhaul on our store and we won’t be selling certain items because production has gotten harder and longer. When I worked at Minuteman Press, they had a DTG shirt machine that they could print the shirt on the spot. When they sold the business, they also sold the machine to another business. The new owner didn’t buy the machines.

So after that, we were on a hunt for a printer. We found one but they don’t do DTG. They print cold transfer which is not the same. It lasts longer than the regular transfer and I haven’t had any complaints on the shirts. Recently the printer isn’t communicating very much when the shirts are done and they are taking longer to get them ready. They are far away from the house so sometimes we have the waste the gas to see if the shirt or sweatshirt is done.

We have been lagging behind on orders because of this problem and so Suta and I decided to take down the shirts and sweatshirts until we find a solution. Later we will only place apparel we have already printed and ready to ship. This is very frustrating and pushes the fact that we need a lot of help trying to keep our business running. If you want to help, here’s how!


We have a patreon account and it would mean the world to us if you would become a patron! The money we receive will go towards equipment to help make products in-house so the production time will be really quick! I would like to become a personal trainer while Suta wants to become a dietitian. To see the rest of our goals and our tiers, visit our Patreon page. Thank you for your help in advance.

Thank you to our Patreon Supporters

Shannon and Sarah


Getting in shape for Cosplay blog 3

Here’s a fellow fit cosplay blogger that I would like you all to support in her weight loss journey!

Beauty of Cosplay

Hi lovelies I hope you are all well!! This post is just a super short update to let you know I will be doing the Cosplay weight loss monthly starting from the first week of October as then I will have more to put into each post including process picutres and sharing my favourite meals etc. Sending you much love!

Mochifairy x

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Hurricane Irma Youtube Video

Here is our video of what we did during Hurricane Irma. We have our internet and power back, thank goodness. There are still a lot of people without it. We have heard that another storm called Maria could be making it’s way to us, we hope not!

We did some drunk karaoke to help pass the time, you have been warned lol




The money you donate each month will, not only go to products, equipment and selling at conventions, but also help us reach our other goals such as being personal trainers or dietitians.


Shannon and Sarah!

Florida Supercon 2017 Videos!

Good morning everyone! Here are all the videos I was able to upload on our Youtube channel for Florida Supercon 2017. I wasn’t able to cosplay but it was so much fun. I met a lot of friends and some interesting people! Enjoy the videos and if you haven’t already, please subscribe!

Seeing Progress. Stump in the Road.

Hello, everyone!

This week, Star and I have been seeing progress from our working out. Both of us has been able to increase the weight. We went from 30 lbs to 60! We found this out because the weights we normally use was taken, and hogged, so we had to go the next weight up. We were both shocked! After that, every exercise we did, we increased the weight to see if we complete the exercises and we did. Just another show of progress and we are both excited for it.

It’s a week before Florida Supercon and mother nature has shown her face. It’s frustrating because we are trying to lose weight and become tone for our cosplays and mother nature placed a bump in the road. Oh well. We are women and know that it’s something that won’t last forever. It just stifles our progress. It’s not the end of the world.

If you are going to Florida Supercon, let us know. We would love to meet you!



3 Weeks Til Florida Supercon

I’m so excited that Florida Supercon is so close. Things might change from our original plans. We might now be cosplaying Rogue and Storm because we don’t have to money for the fabric which sucks. Star and I have made progress with our weight loss. We both reached 10lbs lost and we’ve lost inches off our waist. She lost 3 inches and I lost 2. But Florida Supercon isn’t our only goal. We want to look great in ANY cosplay we do in the future.

We are planning on going to Holiday Matsuri at the end of the year. Maybe to Paradise City or DragonCon. We will see. We’ve talked about our Youtube Channels and what we wanted to place on them. Here’s what we came up with so far;

Fitness To Cosplay will have workout videos in cosplay, healthy recipes, reviews on different products and equipment, convention vlogs, cosplay slideshows, and cosplay lookbooks.

Tsuki Nerdy Fitness will have my personal vlogs, videos on different discussions,  reviews on anime, manga, and other nerdy stuff like movies.

Star Cosplay Fitness will have her personal discussions, Japanese culture and recipes like such as how to make an onigiri, and cosplay tutorials.

We are still coming up with content to post about. I will post our channels below if you would like to subscribe to them. If you have any suggestions like us know about them. Thank you guys for reading! Have a great day and remember to STAY HEALTHY!

Breakfast: Starbucks Soy Misto

Lunch: Slices of cheese and a peanut and jelly sandwich

Dinner: Chicken with steamed broccoli

Workout: 1 hour on the elliptical


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