The Road to Rogue: Learning About Different Body Types

Hello everyone! This week I found something very interesting. Apparently, we all have different body types that fit into 3 groups. They are Ectomorph, Endomorph, And Mesomorph. Here are the meanings of each body type: From Ectomorph Mesomorph Endomorph Skinny, linear/ ruler appearance Naturally lean Smooth, round body Lightly muscled Naturally muscular Gains muscle easily, … Continue reading The Road to Rogue: Learning About Different Body Types


Road To Rogue: Youfit Challenge

Hello everyone! Star and I are taking part in the Countdown To Change. It's a Youfit challenge they have every year. You can win cash prizes. Star is doing it to win but I'm doing it to help motivate. If I'm part of a challenge, I know that I will stick to it and accomplish my … Continue reading Road To Rogue: Youfit Challenge

Road To Rogue: Cardio Beast… For The Moment

Hello everyone! I hope the year is treating you great so far and you are all smashing your goals! As if me, you guys know I love to weight train. Well, I'm putting down the weights for now and concentrating on cardio. We all know that cardio burns more calories than strength training. My plan is … Continue reading Road To Rogue: Cardio Beast… For The Moment


Road To Rogue: Top 3 Reasons to Like Wireless Headphones

Hello everyone! I hope your weekend was amazing. I took the time to relax is they are my rest days lol. Today I wanted to talk about the difference between regular headphones and wireless ones. I wanted to make this post to explain the reason why the wireless headphones are a great workout tool and, in my experience, is a necessity. I use to look at other people with wireless headphones and thought, look at them being fancy with their expensive headphones. The fact … Continue reading Road To Rogue: Top 3 Reasons to Like Wireless Headphones


Road To Rogue Coming Back!

Hello everyone and welcome back to our blog! Star and I have massive plans this year, and one of them is making a big comeback at Supercon. She asked who I wanted to cosplay and Rogue was such a fail last year. I will try my best this year to do her justice as well as making our other cosplays amazing! This is how I will go by doing this. Each day I will post on the blog about what food I eat because Star hasn't … Continue reading Road To Rogue Coming Back!


Getting Back Into The Rythem

Hello everyone! It is January 24th! Can someone tell me why time is going so fast!? Anyway, for the past 2 weeks, I've been going to the gym right after work and I'm getting used to doing it. This is great because soon I will be able to auto myself to go to the gym … Continue reading Getting Back Into The Rythem


Things Are Changing In 2018

Hello everyone! I hope 2018 is treating you well so far. We are starting off this year with moving to a new place. Unfortunately, I won't be able to create videos for a while unless I do some sort of vlog. Currently, we are looking for a new home but that's not stopping us from … Continue reading Things Are Changing In 2018