Who came up with 2 days of rest and 5 days of work? Why couldn’t there be three days of rest? I would’ve been happy with 4 days of work with the amount of hours I’m stacking up at work. Sometimes I feel as if I wanna call out of monday and not come but my job counts on me heavily so I can’t. Darn. My dog has been licking his tail raw and I when I researched why, I found out that it could be from the food I’ve been feeding him. He might have allergies. So I stopped giving him that type, which was Pedigree, and now I’m just giving him the Cesars. I had to mussel him for two days because I didn’t have bandages for his tail to stop him for licking it. Of course I felt bad about it but it’s to keep his tail safe. Today, I was able to go to Walgreens and buy him a bandage roll for humans, because for some reason, they don’t sell ONE brand for dogs and baby Wal-dryll because that’s what I could afford at the time. Now he’s sitting on his bed with a wrapped up tail. He still tries to get at it but he can’t. I’m happy about that, even if he isn’t. It’s for his own good after all.

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