Ok so for the past almost 3 months; there have been two holes in my floor because the foundation in my home is weak. Mind you, my landlord new that and did nothing about it. I think he thought that it would hold up over time or something. Anyway, since the foundation is weak, two hold appeared. There’s one in front of the bed of our roommate and one outside his door. 

Now granted that he’s a big dude, big as in height and a little on weight, but still, a foundation of anything shouldn’t be deteriorating. So when our least is up we are definitely moving. I don’t know where but it’ll be someone better. As for our roommate, I think he’s going to find somewhere else to stay but we are not going to move around the school that he goes to. 

Our friend, Chad, will be living with us and I think that that would be great. At least we know him and he’s social. This roommate stays in his room with the door closed all day and that’s just weird. He’s a nice guy and all but he needs to be a little more social. 

ANYWAY, I just realized I complete got off topic. So the holes has been in the house for almost three months and I’ve still been paying my rent because I thought that he wouldn’t take as long as he is now. I wrote me a little letter two days ago about how I’m holding the rent until he fixes it and he calls yesterday afternoon about how he wasn’t to come over and take a look at the holes. 

When all else fails, write a letter. He also came a fixed any little other problems we had. He said that the guy was coming over today in the afternoon so let’s see. I’ll post again to tell you guys what happened.

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