Today, we had a company meeting today. Company meeting, yeah right! I have 4 boss’ and only one of them spoke. Seriously before he even said a word, I knew that it was going to go down badly. He totally went the wrong way about it.

First, he’s first sentence was, “Some people will be leaving us”. Really? You’re going to tell a room full of people that some of them are leaving. Then he went on the say some of the problems we have and instead of saying overall problems, he pointed out specific people and then said that just because he points out one person, he means everyone. That was a very stupid statement.

He pointed out one person that they were been on the phone too much during work. He already told them before that he’s mom is going to need him because she’s not well. He’s mom had surgery on her eye yesterday and he had to accept a call from her for 40 mins. They basically said that that was unprofessional and hindered his work. I call from his mom who’s recovering.  

They, well, HE say that he wants us to be a team, but aren’t you suppose to lead by example? The way he handled that meeting was very unprofessional and I won’t be surprised if we miss some employees tomorrow.

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