Yesterday, I had a lot of fun. First, I went to get my hair done at this beauty school called, ASM Beauty School down the street from my house. When I got there, I got a french manicure, which turned out really nice. After that, I had my hair relaxed and both the teacher and the student was in my head. I felt like one of those manikins head, I just hoped that my head wouldn’t end up like some of the them with no hair, eek. It was faster, that’s a fact. My hair turned out great and it actually grew more. It’s past my shoulders now.

Next I went to the gym, Youfit, and I did 30 mins on Elliptical and 30 mins on the bike. I had to stop earlier because I was getting a headache and I didn’t have any pain killer. Usually I use the Elliptical for 1 hour and they have new bikes that has better workout than the old ones. These bikes has a T.V. attached to it so you can watch it.

We went home to take a bath to wash off the sweat and headed to the mall. We stopped at Bahamas Breeze and I gotten drunk off of wine. We went to the mall for the last hour and stopped by Hot Topic, my favorite store.

Hard Rock! We walked around the Hard Rock for a time. I couldn’t get into a club because one of our friends wasn’t up to dress code but we decided to go next weekend. So yeah I had a lot of fun.

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