Thinspo Challenge – Day 10, 11, and 12

Today I work up to be 140.6! I’m so excited and I can’t wait to see the end result.

Day 10– What was the hardest thing you gave up during this “weight loss.”

I gave up junk food. I love chips! I don’t have to give up my drinks though such as, Coke Zero and Monster because they have one with zero calories! 

Day 11– Your favorite thinspo blog and why!

I don’t have a favorite thinspo blog. If you want to count mine as a thinspo blog then that’s my favorite.

Day 12– What do you normally eat?

I eat dinner normal. Breakfast I have Atkins and Lunch I have either soup or a Odwalla (great drink. You guys should really look that up. It’s sold at Publix). Dinner I have something solid.


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