Not being truthful.

I really hate it when someone doesn’t want to come forward and just admit something. Instead, they beat around the bust or they just ignore the question or suggest and continue with something else.

He knows he doesn’t like animals. He says it everyday when the dog does something he does like or the bunny hopping around pooping because it doesn’t want to use the litterbox.

They are animals. They are not like children but babies. They’ll mess up, you’ll clean up and then you try to make them understand what they did was bad, not wish that they would walk outside and disappear or get hit by a car. I hear this consistently and it’s getting on my nerves.

Last night, the dog was barking so much that I had to go spray him the bottle. He tried to dodge me by going around the computer that’s on the floor in the living room. Going around and not trying to knock it over. He says, the dog gotta keep away from his stuff or he’ll open the door, let him walk out, and go to sleep, then wake up the next morning, close the door and get on with life. I swear I had to try with all my might not to spray him in the ear.

BTW, his girlfriend wants to become a veterinarian and there will be animals over the house sometimes. Not only that but if he acts like this with animals, what will he do when he have kids. Especially around their terrible twos when they want to touch and knock down everything. Will he just open the door and turns his back, no!

He needs to get use to things messing with his stuff and soon because my patients is wearing thin.


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