Day Twenty– Favorite diet?

Now let’s see. I’ve tried the reboot diet, nothing but juice, special k diet, Flat Belly Diet and many others. I think my favorite diet is the one that gives me information about about my body type and life style and how I should eat because of it. So my favorite diet one that I create for myself. I would take bits of info from a diet, lets say Farmer/Hunter diet by Dr. Oz, I use it to watch what I eat and how I should exercise. I’m a Hunter from the info that I got and it says that people like that don’t like eating breakfast in the morning, which is true for me, I can totally skip breakfast any day of the week and not feel bad about it, and should eat mostly protein and less carbs. I love meat. LOL Anyway, I also count my calories and exercise on a website called Livestrong. I absolutely love that website. It emails you info about dieting and exercise as well. You place in how you lifestyle is, like I’m mostly in a office so it tells me what calories I should eat in that environment and not exercise, for those days that I don’t.

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