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No 'FRIES' for 365

The Gym—a place where you can—sweat profusely while jamming to Right Said Fred; burn calories to your hearts discontent; wear a sweat band and fanny pack and not be laughed at; walk around completely naked in the locker room letting everyone see how much your body resembles melted plastic; a place where you can wear your brand new Under Armour and randomly scream out, “I will protect this house?”.  Outside of all these wonderful perks that come with joining a gym—the best perk of course is the wonderful people you will meet during your visits.  So, here’s to you Sir, here’s to you Ma’am…

Crazy Treadmill Lady

Dear Crazy treadmill lady,

Before we exchange pleasantries, please know that I am NOT racing you.  I don’t know if it’s just mere coincidence; but I’ve noticed when I adjust my speed to a more challenging pace—so do you.  And perhaps our…

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