Reita of The Gazette

Ok so this is my first post for my Japan Page. And its…. Jrock! But this is a specific post though. It’s about a certain guitarist that has my heart racing. It’s Reita from The Gazette. He’s so hot that it’s crazy. Even though he wears a strip of fabric for his mask on his face, that just adds to the hotness that is him! LMAO. I’m sounding like such a fan girl right now and I haven’t spoken like this since David Boreanaz off of Buffy the Vampire and Angel. Now, Don’t get me wrong, they are all hot but Reita is my favorite. If you want to learn more about the band, look them up. You’re missing out if you don’t!

ROCK & READ [VOL. 36 : June 2011] ft. #Reita of #theGazette (Photo 6/ 23] CREDIT: MISSRISE


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