Hello everyone. I hope you guys had a great Thanksgiving. Even though there was a lot of food cooked, I was able to contain myself and eat what my body was able to. I survived by gaining 2 lbs and not 10 lbs like usual. Dodge that bullet. The days ahead I ate moderately and made sure that I knew the calories I was taking in. On black friday, I was trampled on and I got some great games from Game Stop. The one I’m  most proud of is Dance Central 3. Anyway to workout and have fun. Speaking of fun, I played tennis on Sunday. I’m no Williams sister by any means but I’m pretty good. No balls over the fence. LOL. What else did I do? Hmmm….  Nothing else really. Those was my highlights. Now back to the normal route of work, eating healthy, trying to find other ways of working out other than the gym, yay DC3, and just trying to have fun.

Post PIC

My favorite character off of the Dance Central Series, Emilia

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