Background and Company

I started doing graphic design when I was in high school. I took the class as a elective because I didn’t know what other class to take. I also really liked computer so computer class, yay! Once I took the class, I absolutely loved it. After that I took Graphic Design II and Graphic Design Portfolio. Once I graduated, I wanted to go to Art Institute for my Bachelors degree but I was tricked into going to BCC aka Broward Community College which is now called Broward College. They had me to take classes I didn’t even need.

Tell me, how would a graphic designer use Physics and Pre-Cal in designing. So I left there and took my credit to the school I wanted to go in the first place. There I graduated and started my freelancing business before I got a steady job. I’ve been very successful so far. I’ve worked for clients such as Ren-Fest for Deerfield, Fl and South Beach Tow. I’m currently working for them now, South Beach Tow.

Clients at the moment

South Beach Tow – Website Design

Rockin Robin – Website Design & Logo Design

G&F Interior Design – Website Design

I will be meeting up with a couple that has a record label for a website design. I’ve become so busy that I’m going to try to create a little studio myself. I’m going to gather many designers web & print, as well as different types of other artists, such as animators.



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