My Challenge

Hello everyone. I’ve decided to challenge myself by going vegan for one month and vegetarian for 2 more months. The reason for this is that I never done if before, I would like to lose weight and it’s also because of a movie I saw. It’s called Vegucated. It’s a movie about a couple of people going vegan and finding out how the meat industry works. I’m not going to speak much about it because I didn’t want to spoil it for the ones that might see it in the future. If you do it or if you already saw it, please comment. I would like to know what you thought about the movie and what you think about the subject in general.

I’ve gone vegan for 4 days now and it’s not has hard as I thought it would be. But that could be because it’s just the beginning. Probably in the middle, I’ll be hunting down a cow myself. LOL My scale broke a week ago so I haven’t been able to check my correct weight. The very last time I checked was at Publix and it said that I was 148. It’s somewhat accurate so I’ll take it. This will be interesting that’s for sure. Wish me luck. I will update everyday on my progress because I like to share like a share bear should. LOL.


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