New Goal Weight

Now that I’ve reached my 10 lb goal, my new goal weight is to be under 140. I’m tethering between 146-145 but I hope to break it soon. I had a scare this morning when I weighed myself and it said 143.4. I was like AH but once I stepped on it again it said 146. That was one heck of a hiccup! I haven’t had much to time exercise but I’m going to play tennis tomorrow. I’m sorry I don’t have much to post this time but I haven’t been so busy that nothings been really going on. My regiment has been work, home for more work, and bed. Nothing much. My GF did get a job so we celebrated by going somewhere for sushi. Yes sushi, remember when I said that I was going vegan for 30 days. I quit that because of financial difficulties and time. She’s a cook and a beverage cart attendant so we knew that was going to put a wench in the veganism. Not only that but it’s coming harder and harder to find things vegan outside the house. It’s always was, that has sugar in it or something else that we can’t have. South Florida isn’t all that kind to vegan when it comes to outside food. Well I will try again later on in the future but I am pescetarian. Wish means that the only meat I will eat is Seafood. I’m even cutting back on that because there’s no need for me to eat so much of it.


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