Ok. So I’ve been dealing with this problem for a while now in QuarkXpress 9.3 and I went to a lot of websites with the same solution, copy and paste pages in another non-facing page layout. That’s all and good if you don’t have a 35 page booklet you have to set up to print!

So I found a solution that I got from a forum. You go to Layout – Layout Properties. Change the Layout Type to Web. You hit save then go back to Layout Properties and change it back to print. The Facing Pages Option that was once greyed out is now unchecked. Make sure that the measurements are correct because it changed it on mine. But once I corrected it, it didn’t do anything funky with the layout.

I hope this helps. I’ve also decided that if I come across a hard problem with any on the designing programs and come up with a solution, that I’m just going to post here and share it with the world. It would help a lot of people with the searching.

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