Hey guys. I was reading one of Michelle Phan’s post on her website about the treat hair and she talked about this deep conditioner called Loreal EverSleek Smoothing Deep Conditioner. She’s all about being as natural as possible when it comes to skin and hair so I wanted to check it out on other sites. This is what I found below;

EverSleek Smoothing Deep Conditioning Treatment is an intensive, rich treatment that nourishes hair to control frizz and improve manageability. Natural argan, sunflower and olive oils penetrate the hair fiber to smooth and soothe without weighing hair down. Hair is left soft, shiny and virtually frizz-free. Deep, rich conditioning that nourishes even damaged, sensitized hair. Free of harsh sulfates and heavy silicones.

• Sulfate, paraben & silicone free
• 100% vegan – formula not tested on animals, no animal byproducts
• With argan, sunflower & olive oils
• Nourishes hair for 48-hour frizz control
• Leaves hair shiny & manageable

Directions: After using EverSleek Shampoo, apply and comb through wet hair. Massage and leave in for 3-5 minutes. Rinse. Recommended for weekly use.

So it’s easy to say that I have a new deep conditioner. She says that it’s suppose to be used once a week. Another thing I found out over the week is that it would seems that Walgreens doesn’t want to carry renpure argen oil anymore. *sad face* I don’t know why. I found the conditioners are clearance, great price but that means that it’s the end for it. I see that they still sale it online but I don’t want to have a shipping fee. *sigh* I went to Whole foods and found some natural shampoos and conditioners I could use but I feel as if I’m cheating. But is it cheating when they don’t have it available around you? *shrugs* Anyway, if there is a way that I can still use the product I will but since I don’t at the moment, I have to look else where. *Once again, sad face*

k568014.jpgproduct image

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