10lb pass!

Hello everyone. I’m happy to announce that I’m pass my 10lb mark. 12lbs down woot! What I’m eating for lunch is really helping. I went to Walgreens one day and found these lunchables called GoPicnic. They are fantastic but for what they cost, I can probably buy the materials and create my own. So my GF and I went to Wholefoods and Target to get the ingredients and I’m enjoy every minute of it. Now I can’t wait for lunch! I eat the trailmix for a morning snack and have the rest for lunch. Not only that, but I’ve been following a workout regiment for the gym. Sharri, my GF, has gotten a trainer that has given her a list of workouts to do, now we do them at the gym and I love the results. We do 1 hour of cardio though before we start. The workout regiment is mostly for strength training. I can’t do the pull ups yet without assistants from the machine but I’m hoping I can do it without the assistants one day. I’m hoping before the Florida SuperCon, I’ll be 135-130lbs. I’ll keep going and try to be Sharri’s rock because she needs to motivation to keep going.




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