Lately, I told myself that I’ll have a protein shake for dinner to help keep the calories down and help my body regenerate after a good workout. So far, that has not happened.

Monday, Leftover Beef Pie

Tuesday, Leftover Beef Pie and Birthday Cake

Wednesday, Cheddar’s Restaurant, Grilled Chicken Alfredo.

Unfortunately, I gained 1.8 back but today I’m going to fast. I think it’ll let my body have a break and disgust the food. Because I won’t be eating that many calories today, I’ll do a low impact workout, such as, doing a level 5 on the elliptical instead of 8 like a usually do and no strength training. I hope I lose what I gained tomorrow and if I don’t, I’ll fast another day. I’ll just have to be stead fast and determine to lose the extra calories I took in.

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