The Result of the Fast

So I fasted yesterday and boy was it hard. Next time I do it, I’ll make sure I have something I can sip on all day at work. I drunk 2 cups of coffee in the morning and had to make a another pot to help me through the afternoon. It was 1 cup though. My co-workers was like “You sure are drinking a lot of coffee today”. I couldn’t tell them I was fasting because they would ask questions. Also I had 1 cup of water. I’m not a water drinker in the least. I know I should drink about 8 or 10 cups a day but to someone who has a hard time drinking water, that’s nearly impossible but I do try. So I weighed myself this morning and I went from 145 that morning to 143.8. Which is 1.2lb so I was close. I won’t be fasting again today though because I need food. LOL I’ll really have to prepare myself for the next fast but I’m happy that it worked.


6 thoughts on “The Result of the Fast

    • taltress says:

      That was a interesting read. Thank you for the information. I check my weight everyday because it’ll kill if I don’t know. Lol. I tried weighing myself once a week and I was worrying myself sick about not knowing until a week later.

  1. poetmcchick says:

    I used to fast frequently…I want to be able to do it like I used to…baby steps. Longest I went was 72 hours…I’d eat something and then start again. A vicious cycle…lost a lot of weight…but gained it all back (and MORE!)

    I wish you good luck. I’m beginning my weight loss journey…but reaching out through my new blog now because I’ve got to face facts…I can’t do it alone…

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