Yesterday I was so tired, I couldn’t workout as much as I wanted to so I decided to just do the elliptical for 45 minutes. Today I’ll do more. I found out that Target has a good salad that I could eat without extra stuff in it. Harvest Chicken Salad. It was good. It had chicken breast, sliced Almonds, and Cranberries. Of course I couldn’t eat the cranberries because I’m suppose to not eat fruit on Phase 1. I should’ve done some home exercises too but like I said I was tired. The fact that my computer wasn’t working at all didn’t help either so I could work on any projects. 😦 Sucks. Anyway, I hope today will be better and also the rest of the week.

Yesterday’s Meal


Cottage Cheese β€’ Tomato Juice β€’ Coffee

Mid-morning Snack

Cherry Tomatoes and String Cheese


Turkey and Bean Chilli

Mid-afternoon Snack

Protein Shake


Harvest Chicken Salad


45 minutes Elliptical

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