A week pass! Yay! And I’ve lost 4lbs so far on the diet! That’s over 15lbs in total since January! I’m so happy! I also survived the weekend. I tried really hard to stick to my diet and not eat anything unhealthy. I even had expensive sushi, 4 salmon slices with seaweed salad, in order to stay in line. I didn’t exercise over the weekend because that’s when I give my body a break. That’s why I’m also scared of the weekend. All food and no exercise make Ashley gain weight. But I’m still losing. What’s also intriguing about this diet is that I’m having desert at 9pm because as hard as I try, I can’t have dinner at 8, I’m still losing the weight. That’s amazing to me. But it’s also because I’m not having cakes and pies. Instead I’m having Soy Delicious Ice Cream.



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