South Beach Diet – Phase 1 – Day 9

Yesterday was one of those days I spent a LOOOOONNNNNGGGGG time in the gym. I think I burned 920 calories. I’ll call them my 1000 calories days. I don’t have many, just when I don’t have the car and I walk to the gym to wait to be picked up. Well actually afterwards Sharri comes in to exercise too so that’s why that’s added. But I like the fact that I have so much time to use so many machines. I went on the elliptical, circuit, and strength training.

Day 9 of the South Beach Diet and to tell you the truth, not eating carbs and fruit and whatever they have me not eating in Phase 1 isn’t hard at all. Maybe it’s because I’m a meat eater at heart lol. I do have cravings but I can control them. I can’t wait to have pasta or crackers. One thing I found out that’s a pain is everything that comes in a meal, has something with carbs or fruit. Ugh! So I’ve been eating mostly salads and fish while I’m out.

Oh yes salads, please be careful with those because I thought that a salad would be around 300 calories but no! Because they put so much in it now it’s between 500 – 600 calories. I ate a salad last night that was 606 calories. That’s amazing but other than that no surprises. I’m hoping by the end of this week, I’ll reach either 139 or 138. I know sooner or later because my body is losing weight so quickly, that it will slow down or stop but I hope it’s not at 140 lol.

Yesterday’s Meal


Half of Ham and Cheese Omelette with Tomato Slice • Coffee

Mid-morning Snack

Cherry Tomato


Half of Ham and Cheese Omelette with Tomato Slice

Mid-afternoon Snack

Cheese Stick


Archer Farms – California Chicken Salad


Circuit Training • Elliptical • Strength Training • Treadmill


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