One more Day! South Beach Diet Phase 1

I almost made it. One more day and I’ll be able to eat carbs and fruit again. The carbs wasn’t so hard but it was the fruit because I love fruit, it’s sweet, which was the reason why I couldn’t have it, it’s healthy and it fills you. Pineapple is my favorite but unfortunately on Phase 2 I STILL can’t have it because of how much sugar it has in it. L Sucks I know! Anyway, I love other fruits too so it won’t be so bad. I miss pasta and rice. Alfredo Pasta OMG! Anyway, while I’m making myself hungry, I have lost 5 lbs. on Phase 1! Oh yes and as of yesterday I have finally reached under 140. YAY! Jumps up and down. Long road but I finally get to see the day. Now I only have to stay under it and keep going down.

Missing Fruit!

3 thoughts on “One more Day! South Beach Diet Phase 1”

  1. wow! good for you! Me too, though I kind of cheated, I also lost 5 pounds on the process! Good for us!

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