Sorry I didn’t post about getting off of Phase 2 yesterday. I was moving into a new office and trying to things settle down. But yeah, yay me! The diet said that the first week, I should have 1 carb and 1 piece of fruit but I haven’t had those yet lol. Today for lunch, I’m actually going to have a salad instead. Oh yes, I can also have yogurt and I had a chobani for my mid-morning snack. Miss them! Even though I’m eating right, I’m slowly going back up in weight so I’ll have to hit the gym today. Today’s weight was 142 when I was 139.8 Sunday. 😦 I’m not going to try to kill myself. I’m going to do the elliptical for 1 hour. I wish I had one at home. They are expensive. The one I want is $600. It should be easy for me to lose what I gained though. I decided that Mondays are not good for me to workout because Sharri gets off at 7 and we want to run errands. By the time we are done, it’s last and I don’t want to be at the gym until it closes. I’ll definitely go on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. I don’t know about Friday’s because Sharri gets off of work late again. We’ll try to go on Thursday though. We’ll have to see.

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