South Beach Diet – Phase 2 – Day 4

I’m actually enjoying my option for carbs, even though I’m more of a meat eater. I just miss pasta and rice but I know I’m not suppose to have much because I’m suppose to slowly introduce it back into my diet. That’s not hard for me because I don’t eat much carb in the first place. I do love the option of picking and choosing what I eat.

Such as, for lunch, I’m having a cheese and fruit bistro from Starbucks. Now for my carbs, I’m suppose to have 1 carb and 1 fruit this week. The bistro has 3 cheeses, crackers, 3 slices of apples, and dried cranberries and roasted almonds as the trail mix. Now if I’m to follow my diet, I’m suppose to have the trail mix, as the cranberries being my piece of fruit and the crackers being my carb.

The cheese, I think I’m ok because I looked on my list and I don’t see it on the avoid list, Although it says, Full Fat. I think I’m going to avoid the Brie that comes with it, even though I love Brie. It has Gouda and Cheddar. Cheddar is fine but I’ll have to research the Gouda though.


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