South Beach Diet – Phase 2 – Day 5

So I researched the cheese and I couldn’t have the Gouda and the Brie but I could have the cheddar so I ate that. One thing I realize about this diet is that it’s helping me lose the weight I quickly gain. Normally it would take me a week or so to lose the 1 or 2 lbs. I gained over not exercising. But I lost those lbs. in 3 days. Tomorrow, hopefully, I will be back down to 139.?? and continue to lose from there.

I’m thinking about losing my gym membership and saving up for a personal elliptical at home that I can use. The $20 I’m using for the gym can go towards the savings for that. I also found a great park by my house that I could take a walk around and use the fitness trail. The walk around is 1 mile, which is great, and they have about 10 exercise stops along the trail. I tried before to do videos at home and I guess I can try again. The thing is, when I come home, I become very tired and I don’t to once I come home. I need to be more determined.


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