Now that I can eat fruit and carbs, it’s gotten a lot harder to try to stay healthy. This week, I’m allowed to have 2 fruit and 1 carb but the foods I’ve come across has been more than 1 fruit and carb so I’ve been eating a little bit and wasting food. I hate doing that and I hate when others do that too. So this time, I’m going to pledge that I will not eat out, unless invited to dinner, for a month. This way I can control my eating habits a lot better if I buy what I can have.

One thing I’m going to do is buy those salad bags at the grocery store and leave it at work. That way everyday I can have a small salad for lunch and won’t have to worry about ordering anything.

As for exercising, I’m going to walk around my townhome complex everyday. At least I’m going to try but the weather has been so sucky since I leave in Florida and it’s hurricane season. It has rained everyday after work so far and I’m trying to not use the gym that much because I want to workout at home.

For one the gym gets crowded at times and then Sharri gets off of work late so sometimes I got to the gym without her in the beginning when she needs to take the car. By the time she gets off work, I want to go home because I’m exhausted but she wants to spend a hour. I don’t want to take her workout time away from her. That’s another reason why we are saving up for a elliptical right now for the house.


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