Oh man. I thought I posted for day 3 but I didn’t. Bad me bad! The weekend was busy so I couldn’t post those days, sorry. Here’s my days for 3, 4 and 5.

I started feeling it on the crunches. The leg raises still wasn’t bad yet. The plank, you can feel the extra 5 seconds lol. Bicycle Crunches I did in reps of 10. I think I will do that for the rest of the days so I won’t hurt myself.

Question: What kind of diet are you following?

I’m modifying the no carb because I realize that my body loves to hold on to them.

Question: How would you rate your level of activity?

I guess I’m about average. I try to walk around and when I’m at the office I try to do things standing. Little things here and there. I walk my dog longer sometimes.

Yay a day of rest for my stomach. lol

Question: What is your problem spot?

My Mid-Section

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