The question that everyone is asking, including me. I’m not a water drinker as I said before and I’m always looking for alternatives. At first I didn’t like sparkling water because it reminded me too much of Alkaseltzer. The stuff my mom would give me any chance she got if I didn’t feel well, eck! Anyway, drinking it as much as I have been, I’ve gotten use to the taste. Now I’ve been hearing rumors that it’s not good for you. OH NO not my only source to be able to drink water! So I looked it up and I’m happy with the information I’ve gotten. I’ve went to A LOT  of sites because I wanted to make sure. I posted a link below to show you guys what I found out. I think you’ll be happy with the answer.

Is Sparkling Water Bad for You?.


  1. I prefer mineral water. It has been used for centuries as a cure-all. I will drink tap water, bottled water (only in glass – no plastic bottles for me), if I have to. Everything on the planet is tainted now, that’s life. I will continue to drink my San P & Apollinaris.

    • Drink on sister, drink on lol. I’m going to get into other types of water as well. It just have to be something else other than plain tap water or else I can’t drink it. 😦

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