Eatting Healthy is Easy at Work

Just a little Tuesday #inspiration to get you through the day: "Believe you can and you're halfway there." - TR

Ok so I started a new job as as graphic designer at another print shop, because my boss before sold his business. The new jobs is closer to my house and starts later, 9am 😀 Everything seems to go swimmingly at work so far. Just trying to get use to the new procedures. One thing I need to get use to is that I’M THE ONLY ONE THAT DRINKS COFFEE. lol That was a shock. What really funny is that they have a coffee maker there. So I bought instant coffee from Nescafe. It’s good. I have to warm up the water in the microwave though. *shrugs* give and take. So yeah eating habit is still the norm. I get healthy snacks during the week to keep at work like fruit and veggies and sparkling water. That’s not all I get but some.

Now for a great announcement, I finally joined a gym. It’s called Body Mechanics and it’s great. They have fitness classes and a room with boxing bags. Awesome! I have to figure out how to get there after work since I take the bus home. This week Star will be taking the car to go to work at 5. I get off at 5 so we can’t share the car. But the great thing about this job is that it’s only down 1 street. Once I get to my street, my house is walk a way. Getting exercise so I don’t mind. But yeah, twice I forgot my gym close so I can take the bus to the gym. *sighs* The gym closes at 11 but I don’t want to grab my clothes, walk to the gym then walk back home. Too much!

So tomorrow when I wake up in the morning, the clothes I want to wear, I’ll stuff in my purse. It’ll look weird, walking into work with clothes in my purse but you gotta do what you gotta do. I downloaded this app to help me choose which parts of the body to work out. Because I admit, the couples of times I went, I looked like a lost lamb trying to find what to work out next. Embarrassing.

9 thoughts on “Eatting Healthy is Easy at Work”

  1. Hey hey! I am so glad that you finally found a gym you can go to! Its going to be sooo much fun!
    I use because they have awesome workouts/exercises and programs you can follow that helps you target different muscle group each time.

    Hmmmm.. lets see. Yeah I changed my blog now. Its now. 😛

    I feel you when it comes to purses looking all weird due to gym things. Mine too.. plus I have to stuff my boxing gloves inside as well.. huhuh I need a gym bag 🙂

    Anyway how have you been?


    1. OMG so do I. I left my clothes AGAIN today and I won’t be able to go ugh! I’ll try getting up in the morning to go then go to work from there, TRY lol. I’ll check out the blog and see the new and exciting things you’ve been up to sense your term is over, right? Thanks for the suggestion! I’ll try and see what I can do at the gym. Do they have a app?

      I’ve been going up and down these few months because of a roommate/friend decided to jump ship after not paying he’s part of the rent like we thought. But everything is settle now, I hope, and I can come back to blogging and annoying everyone about my day to day life lol.

      1. Oh no! That happened to me yesterday too! OMGSH! I had Muay Thai and we usually just go bear foot inside the studio, so i didn’t wear rubber shoes. Then i said maybe I should do some weight lifting. But when I arrived at the gym I only then realized that I didnt even bother to bring rubber shoes. So it was only muay thai for me yesterday huhuhu has an app. I use it all the time when I weight train 🙂

      2. Yeah I hate it when I leave something and then realize when I’M AT THE DOOR lol. I’ll search for the app and download it. I have other apps and I running out of space so I’ll delete those. My health above all. I checked out your reopened blog and love the look. IT’S SOOOOO KAWAII! lol

      3. hahahaha yeah! Kawaii is everything LOL! need to surround myself with positive and pink and pastel aura. 🙂 even at the gym. oh shiz. speaking of I forgot to add some photos on my recent post of my at the gym LOL!!!! brb I’ll just add that real quick

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