Ok so yesterday was insane.


First, the day before, we decided that we had to move because the rent was too high for us to continue paying. We are leaving at the end of the month and that gives us little time to look. We went to look at a place yesterday that said that they might take our large dog Onyx, which I JUST found out that that’s a no. We are going to have to have someone us take Onyx while we live somewhere us. *sighs*

Then at work, we had a order of 750 brochures to print. These were already paginated, pages placed side by side in the order that it should be to print, and ready to print. So as we are printing them, we realize that the pagination is WRONG. So wrong that all the even numbers was on the same side ugh! And they did it so it wasn’t our mistake but we’ll see. As they were printing, we weren’t paying attention and they over filled the tray they laid on and fell to the floor. So now we had to place the pages on the floor in separate piles and put them back together.


Yeah that was fun! *Rolls eyes* So now that I had to pick up and put together books I decided to make a workout out of it. Every time I went down to put up a piece of paper, I did a lunge. When I had to reach over to grab another sheet, I did a wide leg groin stretch. See the pictures below to see what I mean.

Forward Lunge
Stretches For Runners to Prevent Injury
Wide leg groin stretch

Once I got home at 9:30, I cleaned up Β a bit to have the house ready for moving. I went to our craft room, where it looked like a boom went off of it. I wasn’t able to finish but I also didn’t leave it unharmed. I had two bandages, 1 on each of my feet, by the time I left. Ouch! Like I said. What a day!

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