Ok so yesterday, up until dinner, I was doing good on eating healthy. I knew we were going to a fish fry later for dinner. We were hoping for a regular fried fish or a beer battered fish. But no, it was worst. They bought frozen, already fried, fish from a grocery freezer and just deep fried it. Really!?! Are you serious?! This was for a charity!

OMG I was so surprised. People donated their money for those tickets for their charity and this is how you treat them. They also had chocolate cheese cake and that was good but then again, how can you mess up cheesecake. But that’s besides the point. I wish I remembered to take a picture of it but then again, it might have grossed you guys out and got mad at me for eating it. *sighs* 

They served soda, beer and wine and I think they were hoping that more people would drink then eat so they bombed on the pricing of the food and went for the drinks. Sad just sad. And once again, this is a charity people. How could they let this happen. The guy who helped them get the tickets for the event was so shamed that he didn’t come to the event. 

He warned a friend of mine who was working it, that the fish was going to be bad. I wish he warned me as well. Got my hopes up for a lovely fish dinner to turn into a laziness. You couldn’t take fish filet and deep fry it? Seriously? Anyway, that’s my rant. I ruined my day for nothing! 

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