I need a game plan before Thanksgiving to make sure that I don’t overdo it. First it would be great to know what people are cooking. Every Thanksgiving, we go to Star’s mom’s house to visit and they are Jamaican so they have a mixture at Thanksgiving. I think I’ll go with the small plate tactic. Not only her family but a friend of ours wants to invite us as well. Maybe another small plate tactic. I don’t want to be stuffed. Oh! One thing I would love to get this Christmas or before Christmas, is a Polar Watch.

I know the iWatch is better but it’s really expensive for me at this time and I’ll get it later. Unless someone gifted to me and I’ll love them for life lol. I’ve seen my friends with these and I think it will be a great idea to get an accurate reading off of how many calories I’m burning that the machines at the gym. Just for when their judgement is off. I read a blog once, and I think I reblogged it here, that the machines are judging as close as possible to the calorie count.

It’s sad but I won’t be able to go to the gym Thursday and Friday. Thursday is Thanksgiving of course and Friday, the gym is too far and so we’ll might go to the park with our dog, Onyx. It’s also Black Friday, so there will be a lot of walking anyway. πŸ˜€ Star and I also decided to Fast on Saturdays and Sundays off of solid foods andΒ  have protein shakes and juice.

Recently, I noticed that we would eat unhealthy because our jobs at the farmer’s market doesn’t have any healthy food vendors. Once we eat one thing unhealthy, unfortunately, we give up after that and start over again on Monday. I don’t want to keep starting over, I want to keep going. This way, we can buy the protein shakes on friday, Pure Protein, and drink them for the weekend.

Have a great day and Happy Thanksgiving if I don’t post tomorrow.

Cya At The Gym-01

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