Wisdom Teeth Sucks!

day 93 : Toothache by Truliz

Toothaches are the worst. My wisdom teeth needs to be removed but I don’t have the money for it. Why does Dental insurance has to be separate from Health. It’s unfair. It’s effecting my eating habits. I only ate once yesterday because I couldn’t eat anything hard at work. And I have to avoid the back section of my mouth or else I’m going to suffer later.


Well my weight is back down to 132.6 because of it but I don’t want to lose weight like that. I didn’t go to the gym either because I didn’t eat. If I don’t eat, I don’t go to the gym. My body needs those calories to make up for the ones I didn’t get. I don’t know when these teeth are going to stop aching. Today Star bought me things that are soft to eat so that I can eat SOMETHING.


I remembered that at one point a friend of mine was training us to be runners and looked up the paper I took a picture of the list of exercises he gave us to do. We’ll alternate with that and the machines. It was fun doing  those exercises. It took 2 hours so if we have plans, we can’t do them.  Ok that’s that for now. Thanks for listening to my rant lol.

Cya At The Gym-01


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