Happy New Year!

Last year was a trip with all the moving and people in and out of our lives. I’m happy that last year is over. Now we can move forward. I’m starting this year at a number that I haven’t seen in years. 127.6. I haven’t been that weight since high school. My pants are now baggy and my stomach shrunk in a bit. I was worried that my legs will be twigs before my start to lost weight in my stomach. My body loses weight on my bottom half first before my top half. It’s a pain.

Suta and I are starting this year with a challenge that my cousin came up with. Each week, we are going to come up with a challenge that we are going to do. This week, since it’s only a couple of days, will be drinking tea for lunch or dinner. Tonight Suta will be making dinner so we are having tea for lunch. This is going to be fun. We are planning on doing this challenge all year.

We are planning on changing gyms. From Zoo Health club to Youfit. There’s one opening soon down the street and the monthly payment is cheaper. Suta started a second job so it will be kinda difficult for her to go. BUT I will have her go with me when there’s a chance that she has a day off her second job.

That’s it for now. Off to the races!

Cya At The Gym-01

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