Challenge Week #2 – Day 4 Complete!

It’s getting easier to do these exercises. I’m happy to see that. At one point, I was jumping for a  minute or two without messing up. Felt great! The sit-ups has gotten easier, now that I’m doing the Jack Knife Sit-up. I used a throw that I got for my birthday last year this time and it felt better than the pillow.

I’m trying to think up of a challenge to do next week. I’m thinking about crunches. I don’t know if I want to only do crunches or add another workout with it. I’ll ask my cousin and see what he thinks. I wish one of the challenges could be bike riding but I don’t have a bike. 😦 I’ll try to get one this year. That should be one of my goals.

Last night was not a good night for me with dinner. I had to get Checkers because I was at this event that ended at 9. I wasn’t able to eat before then. Ugh!

Actually, I could create a page for my list of goals I want to accomplish this year! I forgot to do that! I’ll post that up later :D. That’s it for now. Cya later!

Rope Jumping and Sit-up Challenge Day 4

Food Diary

Foods Calories Carbs Fat Protein Cholest Sodium Sugars Fiber
Sugar In the Raw – 1 Packet (5g), 1 Packet (5g) 20 5g 0g 0g 0mg 0mg 5g 0g
Coffee – Brewed from grounds, 1 cup (8 fl oz) 2 0g 0g 0g 0mg 5mg 0g 0g
International Delight – Coffee Creamer – Amaretto, 1 TBSP (15 mL) 35 6g 2g 0g 0mg 0mg 5g 0g
Chobani – Greek Yogurt – 2%- Passion Fruit, 5.3 oz 140 18g 3g 11g 10mg 110mg 15g 0g
Campbell’s Soup on the Go – Creamy Tomato Parmesan Bisque, 1 can (10.75 oz) 220 35g 7g 4g 0mg 780mg 20g 3g
Cliff Bar – Sierra Trail Mix Energy Bar, 2.4 oz 250 40g 8g 10g 0mg 230mg 22g 5g
Checkers – Checkerburger With Cheese (From Site), 1 Burger 400 33g 22g 18g 25mg 810mg 5g 3g
Checkers – Fries Large, 85 g 295 29g 19g 4g 20mg 705mg 1g 3g
TOTAL: 1,362 166g 61g 47g 55mg 2,640mg 73g 14g
Exercises Calories Minutes Sets Reps Weight
Rope jumping, moderate, general 292 30
Sit-ups, vigorous 231 30
TOTALS: 523 60 0 0 0

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