R.I.P. Xbox

I’m very sad to report that my Xbox was murdered by my cat. He peed on the table and the peed dripped on the Xbox and killed it. I’m very broken by this. That Xbox was 4 years old and could’ve lasted much longer. This would be a opportunity to get the Xbox One but getting a new computer is more important. It saddens me to see it’s corpse in the living room but I can’t find the heart to throw it away. I’m also going home to push the button and praying that it will breathe life again to no avail. It was our first game system together. Star and I bought it as a Christmas present to yourselves. I’ll have to take the hard drive out and pray that I can get all my game data off of it and place it in the new system when I get it. If all is lost, I don’t know what we will do.

As for the cat, don’t worry he’s a live and well. For now.

3 thoughts on “R.I.P. Xbox”

    1. We will be getting a iMac pretty soon. I want to start playing computer games more, especially with Sims 4 that came out! So exciting! What other games would you recommend to play?

  1. Dragon Age has me for now so I am pretty partial…what kind of games do you like to play? PC or console? and do you like to play with others or by yourself? League of Legions is pretty crazy right now, though I haven’t indulged. Considering it. I do like COD. Assassins Creed. I can go totally old school, still have nintendo! Tetris and Mario Brothers! But with so much going on and blogging Dragon Age is perfect as I can pause the game anytime I want and there’s no rush to get good gear or anything like that… I love IMac. Dragon Age won’t play on mine. I have to play it on my son’s computer as the graphics and whatnot is too much for mine to handle. He built his computer and is able to play and do anything on it without it crashing. Seeing how a computer is built I see the advantages of it. He can keep up with technology much faster without costing too much. It’s pretty awesome. Happy gaming! Koko✿

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