Run Otaku Run Year Challenge Week 9 – Let’s Prepare For Battle Erza


Here’s the new challenge for week 9! The dead lifts are difficult because Suta wants to lift REALLY HEAVY weight. I’m definitely going to have to wear some fingerless gloves. I saw another version where you do dumbbells instead. I would rather do that. I posted a link for the different types of deadlifts that Suta showed me.

The Pile Squat is pulling muscles I thought wasn’t there. lol I woke up this morning to a tightness in between my legs. I think I’m going to really like this challenge this week. I found in on I added the deadlifts to it because we haven’t done it yet but the pile squats are working the same muscles. We haven’t completed Day 1 and Day 2. You can check them out on our Instagram.


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