This month, I realized how much free time we have. None! Between working, gym, meeting up with Suta’s mom. We have no other time for ourselves. When we think we have free time, that time is taken away by something else. The only way would be able to make free time, is to drop something. But we shouldn’t be able to do that right? We should be able to schedule everything and find time for ourselves to relax and get some of our personal errands done. But we have none. If we plan to drop something, it’s important to us or someone else. We CAN’T drop gym time. That’s a must, no matter how other people would see that it’s unnecessary.

You don’t put your health on hold for anyone. And even if we do workout at home, that’s still time. We had to go to a laundry mat at 12 in order to wash our clothes and went to bed at 2. Sleeping is a important part of being healthy. Not only that but we’ve also had to rush and eat our meals. We haven’t been able to go grocery shopping so we’ve been eating out. Some options were not healthy.

I’ll tell you our day to day

Monday Thru Friday

8:30-5 (Jobs)

5:30 – 7 (Gym)

7 – ?? Dinner (Varies wherever we go)

??-?? Mom’s House or go to work on FTC at Starbucks

?? – sleep (hopefully)


8:30-5 (Jobs) Then go to Star’s Job afterwards and stay til it’s time for her to leave.

8:30 – 10 (Star’s job) – No Gym 😦

Saturday – Sunday

8-4 (Job)

5-6:30 (Gym)

??-?? Dinner

??-?? Mom’s House

?? – Sleep (Hopefully)

So this has been our life. It really sucks on Wednesdays. There’s no to time to do anything else. We have to find something out soon or else we’ll go crazy. And yes we work 7 days a week without a day off. We use to hangout a lot with friends and family. We go on errands and take care of house work. We can’t invite anyone over because of our much of a mess the house is. This just sucks!

Thank you for listening to my rant.

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