Run Otaku Run Year Challenge – Week 10 – Day 2 Complete (Tuck and Roll)

Good afternoon everyone! This week’s challenge is to do Sit Ups, Roll Over then do Pushups. I was a little skeptical about it because the sit ups were hard for me to do in the beginning. Since I’m top heavy, I have more weight to lift and that’s annoying when you want to do exercises like sit ups and pushups.

Once I started, I was shocked! It was so easy for me to do a sit up with MUCH strain. When you see the video below, you’ll see that I almost lost balance at one point but I was able to get back to the workout. I’m so proud of myself. It’s such an accomplishment. Granted that wasn’t a regular sit up but hey, I was able to lift myself off the ground!

Now I’m wondering what other exercises I can do that I couldn’t do before! This challenge has helped me so much. I wish I could share it with other people but no one has asked to join. I’m not giving up though! One of the missions of Fitness To Cosplay is to inspire and there’s no way I’m giving up!


Regular Sit Up
Regular Sit Up


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