I don’t know what’s going on this week but the arm exercises are really kicking my butt. I’m feeling the burn every day. Not that I’m complaining but this is the most I’ve felt during a workout. I think the next time, I want to do more core and leg workouts but next week is my cousin’s turn so let’s see what we are going to do.

I think we might have a new challenger ready to take on the Run Otaku Run Year Challenge. Well, once her arm heals. It’s in a cast right now. She loves to work out as much as we do and she says she loves to watch our videos. So I asked her if she would like to join the challenge and she said yes! That’s so awesome!

Her arm is actually out of the cast and into a splint and she says that she has 2 more months. Well let’s root for her! Also, as you can see, she is a great cosplayer. Give her a follow on Instagram!

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