Weekend Blues

Get up and Try Again

So I had a bad weekend health wise but I will get back on track today. Since I don’t go anywhere on the weekend, it’s a setup for disaster. The reason why is I’m in my otaku mode and don’t leave the house. I try not to. I barely see the house during the week between meetings, working and gym. We only go home to sleep it seems. It feels good being home. Suta on the other hand, works on the weekends but not for long! Soon we will be able to be home together and get some things done! Woot!

I really want to get the ball rolling on the videos we want to do. We will soon upload v-logs to YouTube. You can follow us now so you can get notifications when we start uploading. We will post workout videos, interviews with coaches and other cosplayers, we will feature other cosplayers and etc. I can’t wait!


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