Rest Day, A Day for Work, Free Cup and Progress

Wednesdays are always our rest day because Suta has to work late and we only have enough time for dinner. So while she’s at work, I go to Starbucks to get some work done. I’m a freelance graphic designer and during the week, it’s hard to find time. Also, I’m working on the website for FTC. It’s coming a long great. I think it’s the best website so far. I’m pulling in a lot of resources to help me layout everything.

Yesterday I was able to have my protein shake because of a free cup I got from the gym! There was a store that had a table there called Nutrishop. They’re really close to my job and they said that they have better prices. We might be able to check it out tomorrow since we don’t have any plans and hopefully we can go to the gym.

I posted my April progress picture. I see little changes but there changes none the less. My stomach has gone in a little. Thanks to the challenge we are on! Seriously, I’m happy my cousin thought of this challenge. I don’t think I would be as focused as if I was doing it randomly.


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