Work + Exercise = Feeling Great

Anime People WorkingEver wonder how the working adults in the anime get in shape, even though it seems like they have no time? They exercised at work! I’m starting to do that as well since it seems like I haven’t had to the time to go to the gym lately. I came across this website called and they have a list of workouts you can do at and away from your desk. Seriously, I think these can be done anywhere. Here are my favorites!

  • Walking ‖‖ Even though I do enough of that because I work at a print shop.
  • The Wall Sit ‖‖ I wish I could do this one but my boss is always walking back and forth and he’ll ask me what I’m doing lol
  • Calf raises ‖‖ Never thought of this one! As I’m waiting for a test print, I can do 15 calf raises
  • Standing Leg Curl ‖‖ Instead of sitting at my desk, I could be doing some leg curls. No one will notice.
  • Bicep Curls ‖‖ Not only will I do this with the stapler but I will also use the desk tape and jobs that’s already printed. A lot of paper is heavy so while I’m taking it to be cut down, I could be doing some curls with them.
  • The Pinstripe Push-Up ‖‖ I have no clue what you would call this otherwise but when I was talking to a coworker, I leaned in on the table in front of me and pushed out. I was about to do 5 of these before the conversation is over. He didn’t seem to mind what I was doing. 😀
  • Torso Twist ‖‖ Wish I would’ve known about this before! What a great idea! Some of my time is spent seating down in my chair, if I’m not standing next to a printer. You can also do this standing, it’s great for your back as well.
  • The “Weeee” Desk Chair Wheel ‖‖ Basically, you pull your legs up a little bit where it’s not touching the ground and then you pull yourself to and away from the desk. This really helps your abs as well.
  • Ab Squeeze ‖‖ Just squeezing your abs periodically can help keep your ab muscles engaged.

I did these exercises and I feel as if I had a full body workout. Now it doesn’t seem so bad that I didn’t go to the gym and I can say I worked out for the day. I’m going to do this for two weeks and see if I’ll start seeing results!


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