Getting Back on Track

Myuria Cosplay

Hello everyone. I hope your weekend was great. I needed the rest that’s for sure. This week, we are going to get back on track. We had a set back from some time now and we need to get back into routine. We are going to go to the park today to exercise and I would really like it if one of our meetings during the week, could be us going to workout. SO far, our only sure day we can work out is Mondays because nothing is planned then. I posted our weekly schedule earlier, but basically after work, we have no time to workout. We have to switch to working our in the mornings the rest of the week and I’m not a morning person. I like to sleep until I have no choice but to get up lol.

Even now, while I’m typing this, a banker from PNC bank, came in with coffee and DONUTS, really? I must stay strong and resist the urge of grabbing one. Taking pictures of these times of things, to me, is a good motivator to stay away from them. So if you follow our instagram or Facebook page, you will see this picture of this box of donuts that are staring me down right now. I always say this but we have to be strict if we want to cosplay of favorite characters and be confident in our cosplays. It’s a new week and a new start. We can do this!

Stay tuned for our videos of the workout we did later on today at the park.


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