No Longer Weighed Down By The Scale

Hi! It’s Tsuki.

I’ve decided to leave the scale alone! I’ve gained weight recently and for the past week of exercising and eating right, I can’t get it back down. It was confusing me. Then I realized that with the strength training that I’ve done, it could be muscle gain and not fat gain that changed the number. I’m also doing cardio such as, elliptical, to burn the fat. It made me realize that if I want a fit body, I might not get to my goal weight, 115 lbs – 120 lbs, like I wanted. That’s ok! If I’m 125 lbs but I have abs and the muscle mass I want then fine. This experience has talk me an available lesson. I don’t always need the scale. Maybe I will never look at the scale again, who knows.

With that in mind, I went back on Bodyspace and decided to do a workout plan. I choose James Grage Rewired because it seemed like a great plan for me. He had a personality test to start and so I did it. This was its result. It’s true.

I need to be strict with myself and place myself first. I will try anyway. But I have to remember that I want to cosplay and inspire everyone that want to cosplay or that want to be who they want to be and to do that I have to put in the work and not make excuses.


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