Reasons Why You Should Strength Train

When I started exercising, I thought that I didn’t need to strength train. I thought that strength training was for people who wanted to body build. But I was wrong. Not only do I love to strength train but I found out some really great benefits that will help me later in life when I get old.

Here’s the reason why you should strength train:

  1. For strength, duh! We slowly become weaker as we age and soon taking groceries out of the car will be a chore. If you build up your strength, you will be able to do regular activities with no problem.
  2. Balance. You will be able to keep balance and prevent falls and accidents. For instance, if you do 1 minute planks everyday, you can continue to walk straight without fear of forming a hump.
  3. Prevent lost in bone density. This also goes along with strength because with strong muscles, you need strong bones.
  4. Strong heart.Β Cardio helps get the blood pumping to keep the heart moving but so does strength training. A healthy heart helps lower blood pressure.
  5. Calorie burn. If you workout your muscles, they will continue toΒ  burn calories throughout the day because the metabolic rate will increase.




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