Battle Pig: Las Vegas Students’ Kickstarter Gains Full $5000 Funding in 15 Hours


Gregory Wingert Jr. is available for interview 702-569-4248,

Local UNLV business student has successfully funded a $5,000 Kickstarter campaign on January 27, 2016 to finance a pig themed mobile gaming app.

Battle Pig, a health and fitness mobile game seeking to diminish obesity rates among children and young adults, was an idea formed while UNLV senior Greg J. Wingert Jr. sat doodling a pig cartoon during a business lecture. The idea won first place at a Google Startup Weekend empowering the team to prepare and launch a Kickstarter campaign.

The game encourages users to workout alongside a piglet-warrior friend. Users can choose workouts, exercise and level up their pigs as they progress. Then battle the pig counterparts of their friends for ultimate glory!

The Kickstarter gained $5,036 from 31 backers in just 15 hours of launching. The project creator realeased a list of stretch goals, funding targets beyond the original Kickstarter goal, as the main focus of the campaign’s remaining 29 days of operation. The first goal is set at $10,000

“The success of our Kickstarter on our first day is very exciting. We are planning very big things for the future,” says Wingert, “We want to create a game people will love, while also helping them lead healthier lives. The more funding and backers we receive, the better the game will become.”

Wingert has recruited a team of young aspiring entrepreneurs to help him make Battle Pig a reality.

Our Team

Battle Pig LLC consists of a group of four friends. Our leader Gregory Wingert is a senior marketing major at UNLV (Go Rebels!). Our lead programmer: Leonard Madarang, a computer science graduate from the University of Oregon (Go Ducks!). Our financial expert: Kevin Curry, a senior accounting major at UNLV. Finally, our professional graphic designer: the CEO’s sister Gracie Wingert.

Our motto is: “with ‘hard quirk’ (and hard work), anything is possible!”

Wingert says, “by giving people something to play and healthfully compete with, we can make exercising more interactive, easier and fun.”

History: It all started with a doodle; the doodle was of a somewhat harmless pig carrying an axe and I first sketched it during my business law class at UNLV. That same semester, my professors urged me to participate in a Google Startup Weekend – a competition to create a startup in 48 hours. The idea I pitched won first place at Startup Weekend and so a teammate from the competition, coder/designer Leonard Madarang, and I decided to makeBattle Pig a reality.


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