Road to Rogue Day 2

Hello, everyone!

My legs are sore from the circuit yesterday and I welcome it with open arms lol. I love the feeling of soreness because it means I did something right!

Yesterday while we were starting the circuit, a guy was using a machine and we thought that he was there for his set. I went it came time to use that machine, I walked up to see his keys and a phone was on it. He wasn’t using the machine at the time. So I skipped that one and went to another to wait for a time he was done.

He wasn’t done. Not. The. Entire. 30 mins of the circuit! He kept traveling from two machines. The two machines I haven’t done yet! For those of you out there that does this, please stop!

You are disrupting the flow of the circuit and the same machines you are using are in other areas of the gym!


Coffee and soymilk


Oatmeal and mango spears


Pasta, beef patties, and spinach


No exercise. I decided to stay home to create PerlerArt for Hero Hype. I will post about that con later!

Thanks for reading! Remember to Stay Healthy!

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