First Bike Ride In A Long Time

Good evening!

Since my bike got fixed, I decided to go on a bike ride! I’ve learned that I have an official bike path by my house. So perfect! It was 5 miles wide and I completed it in under an hour. I was a great ride if you don’t count the large spider I had to ride under. It wasn’t close to me, thank goodness, but I have Arachnophobia, fear of spiders. NO matter how far that is, it still scares me and I rode faster to pass it.

Star wanted me to take a picture of it when I texted it to her over the phone. She lost her mind. I think the butt of it was the size of a golf ball. *shivers* Anyway, I found out that there was an aviation school and that’s why I keep seeing planes taking off and landing in the area. I thought it was a private airport.

ALSO, I SAW HORSES! Well not really. They were in their stables but I saw a butt of a light grey one. *squeal* Star said that she wants to get a bike now so we can ride it together. I also think she should run along that path as well. The bike path is paved with little uneven parts. I’m definitely thinking about making that my daily route. Go on a bike ride at 5 pm sounds really good! Below is the stats via my Fitbit. If anyone wanna be Fitbit pals, let me know and I’ll add you!



The money you donate each month will, not only go to products, equipment, and selling at conventions but also help us reach our other goals such as being personal trainers or dietitians.


Shannon and Sarah!

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